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4 Easy Ways to Clean Like a Pro

We discuss this topic in this blog post!

Imagine you have guests coming over and your house is a mess. You want to impress them but you don’t know where to start. In this article we’ll give you specific steps to take your house from cluttered and messy to looking like you just had a professional, deep clean. 

Here are the steps:

Clean all the flat surfaces

The first step in cleaning your house like a pro is to clean all the flat surfaces in your house. 

When we say all the flat surfaces, we mean ALL of them. This includes the floor, table top, chair tops, stairs, counters, top of the fridge, etc. The reason you need to do this is because when people step into your house, the first thing they’re going to see is all the flat surfaces. These by far take up the most space in your house, and are also the easiest to spot by eye.

What we recommend doing is to first remove any unnecessary items that are on these flat surfaces. Then, wipe down the surfaces with a wet cloth. If you want, you can then spray the surface with a disinfectant and wipe it down again. 

For stairs and floors, instead of wiping everything down, you can first use a vacuum and then a mop if you want.

Once you’ve done the above, your counters, tables, chairs, stairs and floor should be sparkling.

Clean all of the glass and mirrors

Windows, mirrors, and any glass surfaces tend to carry a lot of dirt and smudges which can easily be seen by guests. It is crucial that you do a good job cleaning these surfaces to make your house look fresh and well-kept.

Windows and mirrors are especially important because guests will definitely either be looking through your windows to see outside, or looking at your mirrors in the bathroom and around your house to see themselves.

In order to clean glass surfaces (mirrors are made of glass), you are going to want to wipe the surfaces down with a wet cloth. You can use a glass cleaner if you want, but this is not strictly necessary. If you do a thorough job with a wet cloth, your glass surfaces will be shining post-clean.

When cleaning glass surfaces, make sure that you clean from top to bottom. This will ensure that your windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces come out streak free. Cleaning from top to bottom also allows you to use gravity to your advantage as the water drips down the window. This will ensure that any dirty water that drips down the window while you’re cleaning will be removed. 

Once you’ve wiped down the glass with a wet cloth, run a dry cloth or use a squeegee to remove all of the water from the glass.

Polish all furniture and stainless steel applications

Make sure to dust off and polish any furniture and stainless steel appliances prior to hosting guests. This includes the legs of your tables, the legs and arms of your chairs, the refrigerator, and your oven.

A great way to do this is to use a microfiber cloth and warm water. You will want to run a damp microfiber cloth over the surfaces you want to clean. This will allow you to get any dust, dirt, and grime off of these surfaces. Then, in order to prevent water spots, it’s important to wipe these surfaces dry with a dry cloth. This is especially important for stainless steel materials because the minerals in water can leave marks on stainless steel.

Take out the trash

The last thing to do to make your house seem like it was professionally cleaned is to take out the trash. Make sure to remove the trash in the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and any other rooms where you have trash cans. 

This acts as a nice finishing touch and is sure to make your guests think your house was recently professionally cleaned. 

If you follow all these steps your house will be sparkling clean and guests will be asking you how you have such a clean house!