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We’re changing the standard of commercial cleaning, janitorial cleaning and industrial cleaning in Kingston Ontario. We are specialize in cleaning medical buildings, such as hospitals and clinics. We also focus on providing commercial cleaning services for restaurants, bars, office buildings and industrial buildings. We are  cleaning experts of Kingston’s!

The Handy Fairies Commercial Cleaning Difference

We find Solutions to fit your facility and get the outcomes you need while developing the perfect program to streamline your cleaning services. ​​Handy Fairies Cleaning Solutions is one of the most highly-rated, full-service, professional commercial cleaning companies in the Kingston area. ​How we do business is just as important to us as the excellent service we provide. You can count on Handy Fairies for any size project, from one-time jobs and periodic projects to ongoing services. ​

Medical Building, Health Clinic and Hospital Cleaning

The importance of cleanliness in healthcare field cannot be understated. Every inch of hospitals and medical clinics must be sterilized in order to prevent disease and infection transfer. Cleaning is the first and biggest step to keeping a facility and its occupants healthy. After we clean, disinfecting is often the second step toward this goal. Handy Fairies goes much deeper to remove the maximum amount of soil and kill germs at each cleaning creating a healthier work environment. This is especially critical in healthcare.

Restaurant and Bar Cleaning

Cleanliness in the restaurant and bar industry is more important than ever. Any place where food is consumed or handled is a breeding ground for bacteria and potential viruses. We ensure that the highest precautions are taken to eliminate the spread of germs from staff to patrons, patrons to patrons and more. Restaurants and bars need consistent cleaning and disinfection, because of the germs and bacteria that pass through on a daily basis. The more popular your restaurant or bar is, the more potential contacts a guest can have with germs or COVID-19.

Office Building & Industrial Cleaning

With large amounts of people returning to the office, ensuring they have a safe and clean work environment is crucial. You need to be able to instill confidence in your employees that they no longer need to work from home. This starts with a sound commercial cleaning regimen that features the best cleaning services offered. We will make sure your office is free of potential germs, bacteria and any virus. This will help build happier employees and help them return to the office space you’re paying for on a month basis.

How Much Do Commercial Janitorial Services Kingston Cost?

Our commercial and janitorial services in Kingston can cost as low s $225/Month

We are your partner in customizing the Cleaning Solutions that are right for your facility.​ Our all-inclusive fixed price, covers all the required janitorial maintenance tasks including an Initial Detail Deep Cleaning. Your facility size, frequency of services, complexity and specific cleaning needs are all things to consider for your customized quote.

Commercial Cleaning:

Handy Fairies delivers the highest level of professional commercial cleaning and janitorial services to healthcare facilities, restaurants and more! We use green methods that are proven to keep your building clean.

Floor Care:

Aside from scheduled Janitorial Services, some companies require commercial floor care, carpet cleaning, detail deep cleaning, and janitorial consumables & dispensers.​ We can take care of every detail your facility requires.

Virus Disinfection:

Cleaning for Infection Control is Cleaning for Infection Prevention. A preventative disinfection program can help address the health and safety of your employees and visitors during the time of Coronavirus. We can help!

Environize ATP Hygiene:

Not only do we do a visual inspection of our cleans, we also use ATP testing. This ensures that your surfaces are clean right down to the molecular level. You have nothing to worry about after Handy Fairies finishes your commercial cleaning job!

Our commercial and janitorial services in Kingston can cost as low as $225/Month

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The Handy Fairies Full Cleaning Suite

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