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Wondering what you Forgot to Clean? Here are some items that you may not have Considered, but Should: Tips for a Cleaner Home

We discuss this topic in this blog post!

We all have those days where we want to redesign, redecorate, or freshen up our spaces. We don’t often have time to fully clean all of our rooms, declutter, or even mop as much as we would like. If you ever want to spiff things up a bit while you are in a rush, we have a few tips to help you out!

Always clean from the top down: catch dust and dirt that you can sweep and vacuum at the end of your cleaning cycle. We always recommend that you clean your home from the ceiling to the floor since it is far more efficient. Dirt, dust, dander and bacteria that fall can still be caught when it falls on the floor, to be vacuumed later. Clean off the dust from ALL surfaces, including wall lights, high cabinets, and low traffic areas. You want to start with dusting, and cover as many surfaces as possible. It is also always a good idea to take a glance at your ceilings, as dust can collect on spider webs, hanging plants, and ceiling fans.

Spray essential oils on fabrics and surfaces to help eliminate odors naturally. This will break down trapped odors instead of masking them, making sure that the smells present in your home will actually dissolve. If you have pets, be cautious about the scents that you decide to use, as some are not suited to your furry family member. Cats are sensitive to citrus, so a light floral scent is preferred. Most pets are more sensitive to lavender than humans, so if you are a fan of that floral scent, be sure to go as light as possible, and potentially mix it with another oil scent to dampen the kick. Our suggestions for light but welcoming essential oil scents are cinnamon, chamomile, peppermint, and pine.

Don’t be shy to sweep before you vacuum to reach as much trapped dirt as possible. If you want to avoid getting clogs in your vacuum from stray hair or lint, take time to liberally sweep near the end of your clean to get up any clumps that collect on your floor. Then, once it comes time to vacuum, you will be able to focus on getting into those hard to reach areas, high traffic areas, or underneath chairs, tables, sofas, and under beds.

Make storage a priority. If you are tired of clutter, want to avoid trapped dust, and have your house looking and feeling cleaner, your methods of storage go a long way. It is also much easier to clean boxes than to have to empty cabinets to catch dust each time you want to thoroughly clean. It also leaves the impression of cleanliness and organization that lasts even when you may haven’t had the chance to clean this week.