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Want to clean more efficiently and save money? Here is how Handy Fairies does it:

We discuss this topic in this blog post!

We all know the struggle when it comes to cleaning. There are so many products to choose from, and costs can get high before you know it. Here we have a few more tips to ditch the fad cleaners, save some money, and get cleaning, low-waste options included!

If you are looking to make a big switch in your cleaning routine, here is another way to do it: Invest in glass spray bottles and make your own cleaning recipes for specific areas within your house. Glass is infinitely recyclable and extremely sturdy, which makes for an organized, long-lasting, and uniform cleaning cabinet. Pairing this with your own recipes makes a great way to control the amount of scent that you prefer (or leave it unscented), and conserve ingredients, eliminating waste and saving money. You may notice that using small quantities of basic ingredients purchased in bulk will go a long way compared to the retail costs of commercial products. Handy Fairies has a full book of cleaning recipes that we use to clean each of our clients houses, and we are dedicating an entire post to them to get you started!

If buying new bottles is not what you are looking for, you can always reuse empty spray bottles that you already have. These work well paired with any cleaning recipes to cut down on plastic waste;

Did you know that some hard plastics cannot be properly recycled? They can still end up in landfills, so the best way to transition is slowly and mindfully. Of course, materials like glass, metal, and bamboo are preferred, but getting rid of what you already have can actually cause more waste. To make the switch more manageable, remove the labels from any useful bottles that you would like to keep, and use them for your new recipes. But be careful! Make sure the plastic will not be affected by any acids you may want to put inside.

Learn about cleaning compounds and use methods that are right for your home: Whether you are concerned about allergens, pet health, delicate surfaces, or even scents, there are a number of different ingredients and methods to choose from that work to clean your home. Prior to cleaning, it is first important to do your research, keeping in mind what methods should or should not be used on which surface. Isopropyl alcohol, muriatic acid, vinegar, borax, and baking soda amongst others have plenty of uses as in-depth cleaners, but learning how to use them is important. Our blog focuses on how to make good use of ingredients, so our website is the perfect place to start!

If you are interested in even more tips, tricks, and activities, it is worthwhile to look for a collective close to you that you enjoy. Start by seeking resources in your community. For example, Earthub Kingston’s Facebook Page: Connecting to local resources is a great way to learn more about ways to live sustainably. You will also be able to learn about community initiatives and events, as well as gain insights on simple and quick changes to create a healthier home environment.

We hope that these small initiatives can help you to create a better environment for you in your home. We have plenty more information to help you along the way.