The Best Cleaning Specialists in Kingston

We take pride inprovidng Kingston with the best cleaning specialists in the Area. We score our employees to ensure an incredible clean, everytime!

The Handy Fairies Cleaning Specialists

Amanda Manion

  • Mom to an energetic 5 year old & 4 fur babies
  • No stranger to being “accessorised” with fur and sticky fingerprints mysteriously appearing on the walls
  • Supporter of mental health awareness and advocate for self care
  • Being able to help take some stress off of our clients by being a cleaning specialist brings me joy.
  • A clean home leads to a healthy mental state. Being able to help our clients achieve this gives me a sense of purpose

in Training

Laura Pauhl

Is a mom to three rambunctious cats and is no stranger to pet fur everywhere. With her attention to detail and high personal standards, you’ll be glad she is your cleaning special of choice


  • Sweet, lovely mother of three, work very hard and willing go extra steps to make HF customers home sparkle. Cleaning Specialist 1 star.

The Handy Fairies Scoring System


Cleaning Specialist Three Stars​

Reliable: 20+
Customer review: 20+
Experience: 5+
Problem Solving skill: 20+
Knowledge 10+:
Time management: 10
Job scorecard: 5+
Vision Summary: 7+


Cleaning Specialist Two Stars

Reliable: 10+
Customer review: 10+
Experience: 3+
Problem Solving skill: 10+
Knowledge: 7+
Time management: 7
Job scorecard: 3+
Vision Summary: 5+:


Cleaning Specialist One Stars

Reliable: 2+
Customer review: 5+
Experience: 2+
Problem Solving skill: 10+
Knowledge: 5+
Time management: 5
Job scorecard: 2+
Vision Summary: 2+

Cleaning Specialist In-Training

Reliable: 0
Customer review: 0
Experience: 1+
Problem Solving skill: 1+
Knowledge: 1+
Time management: 0-1
Job scorecard: 1+
Vision Summary: 1+

Details of scores:

Reliable: earn one point after continuously serving 1 customer for longer than 3 month and increase 1 point for every month. No miss or last minute cancel(-1 point).

Customer review: understand and exceed customer expectation employee with 20 five-star reviews, employee with 10-19 five-star reviews, employee with 5-9 five-star reviews

Experience: earn one point after 1 year of cleaning experience

Problem solving skill: how to fix clogged sink, toilet, secure toilet seat, fixing loose door, cleaning mold and build up inside shower or tap handle, what to do if there is no power, vacuum does not work …ect…

Knowledge: able to offer customer clean home solution, stress free environment, how to be more sustainable, how to cleaning solution work, cleaning skill, cleaning strategies

Time management: master in speed cleaning technique.

Job Scorecard: earn one point for each requirement scored

Vision Summary: earn one point for each core value achieved.