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Electrolysed Water: Using it as a Disinfectant

We discuss this topic in this blog post!

Did you know that store-bought disinfectants are not the most efficient way to clean?

Looking at the instructions on a bottle of commercial disinfectant, it is clear to see that they do not always sanitize surfaces as quickly as is commonly understood. To fully clear surfaces of 99.9% of bacteria, they state that you should pre-clean any non-porous surfaces before you spray, and leave the areas wet for up to 10 minutes, finally letting it air dry. This does also mean that your favourite brand of cleaning wipes are not effective because they do not account for the 10 minutes needed to properly disinfect. This common problem is completely avoided with the use of an electrolyzed water spray bottle that is also provided to each employee of Handy Fairies, as we try our best to value cleaning with sustainable products.

Using Electrolyzed Water

What is Electrolysed water?

Electrolysed water occurs when any water source is mixed with salt and passed through an electrical charge, which creates a weak acid. It is more environmentally friendly and works faster than store bought cleaning agents like Lysol, which is a chlorine bleach treatment, and even some alcohol based hand sanitizer. This solution can be used to sanitize a broad range of surfaces throughout your home, as well as to disinfect fruits and vegetables purchased at the grocery store. Studies show that electrolyzed water is highly efficient as an antimicrobial, as well as one that can be easily made as it is needed in your home.

How does it work?

Electrolysed water is already widely used throughout Europe and Asia to disinfect and sanitize all manner of things. Given that it is free from harsh manufactured chemicals, it is safe to be used to disinfect your hands and most porous or sensitive material. 

The solution present after salt is dissolved in water and has been charged is hypochlorous acid (HOCI) that has disinfectant benefits similar to that of detergent, as the remaining acid has a Ph closer to that of soap, and can sanitize on contact. It is a powerful oxidant that can penetrate many forms of bacteria, pathogens, and lipids, which means it can also be used as a light degreaser in kitchens. Elecrolysed water has a shelf life, so the charge will only last a few days after initial use. This means that it can be made as-needed, without excess or waste, and remaining more sustainable.

How can you use it in your home?

Although we normally try not to encourage big purchases to be a large part of your cleaning routine, the process of electrolyzing water requires the presence of an electric charge, meaning that it requires technology in orer to be produced. An electric spray bottle helps to form hypochlorous acid on contact and can be found at most health stores, as well as online. It is, of course, an upfront investment, but pays off in the long run, as you will no longer need to purchase one-use bottles of cleaning spray, you only need Kosher salt and your kitchen tap to make enough sanitizer to clean your entire home. Hopefully, this product will find a worthy place in your cleaning routine.